Computer Repair: How to fix your computer

Having problems with your computer? Sometimes computers can be your best friend, and other times they can be a nightmare. If your computer is having problems, then you have a number of options. Some of these options are better than others.

One of the most obvious options is to take your computer to the local computer store to have someone look at it. In most cases this will be your most reliable option, but probably the most expensive as well. Most computer stores should have reputable and knowledgeable staff that can take care of your computer.

Another option would be to fix it yourself. This can be daunting if you don't know much about computers, and even if you do know a little about them there are thousands of things that could be wrong. Most of these things are not terribly hard to fix, but it can be extremely difficult to find out what the problem is. There are a few basic things that you can do. Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed and up to date. This can solve many different problems. Also if you are having problems with one specific computer program, then you can try removing the software, and reinstalling it. Most software makes this pretty straightforward. Beyond that there are very few things that can be done without really being comfortable with the in's and out's of a computer.

Another option to consider is using the local neighborhood teenage nerd. Many times these kids will be willing to take a look at your computer for free or for a nominal charge. The hard part is finding one that will be able to fix it. Since most of them have little or no formal training, if may be difficult to know who will really be able to help. Your best source will probably be to ask around to see if your neighbors know of anyone that has helped them.

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