Netbook Computers: What are they?

A netbook Computer is a specific type of laptop, that is generally less expensive, less powerful, and smaller than normal laptops. They seem to fit in the niche between low end laptops, and smartphones. They tend to work well for basic computer tasks like browsing the Internet, and checking email; but they may not work well for more intense tasks like 3D computer games and high-end multimedia applications.

Another significant difference between laptops and netbook computers is that netbooks generally use different operating systems than standard laptops. Windows netbooks have either used Windows XP or more recently Windows 7 Starter edition. Many netbooks have shipped with versions of Linux as well. Both of these operating systems are generally similar to their full laptop cousins, but optimized and/or limited down to what the netbooks can support.

Netbooks have become popular based on both their price and portability. Some studies have shown that many people don't ever take their netbooks outside of their homes. So the common sense idea of netbooks being extra portable, may not be the biggest selling factor after all.

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