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America The Story Of Us (3-Disc Collection) [DVD]

A riveting adventure of how America was invented, AMERICA THE STORY OF US focuses on the people, ideas and events that built our nation, covering 400 years of American history in the most extensive and in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY. From the rigors of linking the continent by wagon trails to the transcontinental railway, the engineering of steel-structured buildings through to landing on the moon, this epic 12-part series is a grand cinematic vision of how this country was built. AMERICA THE STORY OF US brings this story to life firsthand through patriots, frontiersmen, slaves, abolitionists, Native Americans, pioneers, immigrants, entrepreneurs and inventors. From the revolutionary war that birthed the nation to the civil war that divided it, into the making of the modern world, America The Story of Us is an epic, dramatic, heartbreaking and triumphant journey that reminds us that American history truly belongs to we, the people.

Sharing their thoughts on the building of America, and what it means to be an American, are a world-class group of individuals including Tom Brokaw, Michael Douglas, Meryl Streep, Buzz Aldrin, Colin Powell, Donald Trump, John Legend, Melissa Etheridge, Brian Williams and more.

DISC 1 (Episodes 1-4): Rebels / Revolution / Westward / Division
DISC 2 (Episodes 5-8): Civil War / Heartland / Cities / Boom
DISC 3 (Episodes 9-12): Bust / WWII / Boomers / Millennium

Disc 1: George Washington, American Revolution, Declaration of Independence
Disc 2: Civil War, Transcontinental Railroad, Statue of Liberty, Henry Ford and the Model T

Founding Fathers

Product Description

They were the most legendary and respected politicians, statesmen and warriors of history's first republic since the days of ancient Rome. They were also traitors and smugglers, rabble rousers and hot-heads, unfaithful husbands and prodigious drinkers. Because despite what some history books and much folklore would have us believe, our nation's revered "Founding Fathers" were, in fact, human beings. Now, in this comprehensive four-part series, gain a fascinating, engagingly intimate glimpse behind the iconic images on the marble busts and the noble faces gazing out from our dollar bills and pocket change. And discover the remarkable, unseen private sides of the men who risked their reputations, fortunes and lives for the cause of American independence.

DISC 1: Rebels With A Cause / Taking Liberties

DISC 2: You Say You Want A Revolution? / A Healthy Constitution

History Classics: History’s Mysteries [DVD]

Product Description

Pick up where the textbooks leave off with HISTORY'S MYSTERIES and explore the stories, events, legends, and myths that have aroused curiosity, inspired wonder, and incited debate throughout the ages. From ancient history to modern subjects, this ground-breaking series investigates everything from conspiracy theories to unexplained incidents and folk legends to infamous police cases. In 1947, a strange object fell from the sky near Roswell, New Mexico, and the lives of many civilians and military personnel would never be the same again. Now, Roswell's secrets will be revealed. Voyage onto the seven seas to investigate the stories of supernatural phenomena that have proliferated around the ancient art of seafaring. Hear from the survivors of a 1944 Nazi Ghost Train bound for Germany that was thwarted by the Resistance. Visit one of the most mysterious spots on earth - Devil's Triangle - where an unusual number of unexplainable tragedies occur time and again. Are sea monsters figments of the imagination or living relics of prehistoric times? Learn the story of a search for thousand-year-old mummies of an obscure Andean culture in Peru who thrived between about 700 AD and 1500 AD and believed they possessed eternal life. HISTORY'S MYSTERIES delves beyond common assumptions and scrutinizes the hard evidence and testimony of experts to uncover the truth about those subjects that haunt people to this day.

HISTORY CLASSICS: HISTORY'S MYSTERIES contains 8 documentaries on 4 DVDs:

DISC 1: Roswell: Secrets Unveiled / Crop Circle Controversy
DISC 2: Ghost Ships / Nazi Ghost Train
DISC 3: The Devil's Triangle / Monsters of the Sea
DISC 4: America's Psychic Past / Cliff Mummies of the Andes

Titanic: The Complete Story

Product Description

The "unsinkable" Titanic was a dream come true: Four city blocks long and a passenger list worth 250 million dollars. But on her maiden voyage in April 1912, that dream became a nightmare when the giant ship struck an iceberg and sank in the cold North Atlantic. More than 1,500 lives were lost in one of the greatest disasters of the 20th century. Now, the complete sensational history of the premier liner is recounted in TITANIC: THE COMPLETE STORY. Using newsreels, stills, diaries, and exclusive interviews with survivors, TITANIC: THE COMPLETE STORY charts the fateful history of the ship and its passengers as well as providing an overview on the popular culture phenomenon that this tragedy has become.

This set includes 3 feature-length programs:

  • DEATH OF A DREAM - The largest ship ever built is christened in Ireland before a cheering crowd of 100,000. Witness the disaster this trek becomes as numerous iceberg warnings go unheeded and the ship sinks in the icy North Atlantic.
  • THE LEGEND LIVES ON - Overpacked lifeboats edge away from the crippled liner as futile SOS signals flare into the night - leaving 1,500 passengers to a watery grave. Also, witness the courageous deep sea expedition to unearth Titanic's secrets.
  • TITANIC'S ACHILLES HEEL - Elite divers explore the explosive theory that the doomed liner may have had a fatal design flaw - using advanced CGI technology, archive documents and photographs, as well as footage from modern-day HISTORY expeditions.

Ultimate Collections: World War II [DVD]

Product Description

World War II encompassed some of America's greatest triumphs and most bitter defeats. HISTORY ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS: WORLD WAR II is a comprehensive and intimate survey of this epic war featuring 20 of its greatest World War II documentaries, each packed with original archival footage, interviews with military experts and historians, and gripping reenactments.

This essential 8-disc anthology of the greatest war of the 20th century includes:

  • WORLD WAR II: THE WAR IN EUROPE: Eight documentaries survey the war's massive scope in Europe.
  • WORLD WAR II: THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC: Seven documentaries examine the impetus and aftermath of the battle in the Pacific.
  • BIOGRAPHY: GENERAL DOUGLAS MaCARTHUR: RETURN OF A LEGEND: The great MacArthur helped win World War II with a simple promise: "I shall return."
  • OKINAWA: THE FINAL BATTLE: Relive the final engagement of World War II, in which over 250,000 people joined in a desperate fight.
  • EMPIRES OF INDUSTRY: WAR PLANES OF WWII: Learn about the birth of America's aviation industry and some of the greatest fighter planes ever produced.
  • NUREMBERG: TYRANNY ON TRIAL: Bear witness to the accusations, hearings, and sentencing of Nazi war criminals.

DISC 1: WWII: The War In Europe, Part 1 - The Greatest Conflict / North Africa The Desert War / The Beachhead at Anzio / D-Day The Normandy Invasion

DISC 2: WWII: The War In Europe, Part 2 - Pursuit to the Rhine / The Bomber Offensive: Air War in Europe / The Battle of the Bulge / The Battle of Germany

DISC 3: WWII: The War In The Pacific, Part 1 - Island Hopping: The Road Back / Jungle Warfare: New Guinea to Burma / Air War in the Pacific / The Bloody Ridges of Peleliu

DISC 4: WWII: The War In The Pacific, Part 2 - The Return to the Philippines / Okinawa The Last Battle / Biography: Admiral William "Bull" Halsey: Naval Warrior

DISC 5: Biography: General Douglas MacArthur: Return of a Legend

DISC 6: Okinawa: The Final Battle

DISC 7: Empires of Industry: War Planes Of World War II

DISC 8: Nuremberg: Tyranny On Trial

History Channel Classics: Lincoln and the Civil War

Product Description

This collection provides a rich portrait of one of the most beloved U.S. Presidents and significant events that surrounded him. Utilizing interviews with leading Lincoln biographers, Lincoln explores the inner conflicts that plagued and inspired the man who called himself "the loneliest man in the world." In a ploy that was ultimately foiled by the Secret Service, Stealing Lincoln's Body documents the outrageous 1876 plot to steal Lincoln's body and hold it for ransom. The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth follows Booth, and his co-conspirator David Herold, as they elude more than 10,000 Federal troops for 12 days after assassinating Lincoln. Sherman's March re-creates the 285 mile march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia, on which Sherman said the effort needed to "make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war."

HISTORY CLASSICS: LINCOLN AND THE CIVIL WAR contains 4 feature-length documentaries on 4 DVDs.

Special Features

  • "Lincoln" Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Full-Length Documentary "Sherman's Total War Tactics" episode of "Save Our History"
  • "History in the Making: Sherman's March" Behind the Scenes Featurette

DISC 1 Lincoln / Bonus
DISC 2 Stealing Lincoln's Body
DISC 3 The Hunt For John Wilkes Booth
DISC 4 Sherman's March / Bonus

Third Reich: The Rise And Fall

12/14/10 Third Reich: The Rise (2hr)
12/15/10 Third Reich: The Fall (2hr)

In HISTORY s two-part, four-hour Special Presentation: THIRD REICH, rare and never-before-seen amateur footage tells the epic story of the Third Reich as it's never been told before: through the eyes of the people who lived it.

A unique perspective on the rise of Nazi Germany and how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism, told through rare and never-before-seen amateur films shot by the Germans who were there.

How did the Germans experience the Allied victory in WWII? Rarely-and never-before-seen amateur films recount the catastrophic downfall of the Third Reich through the eyes of the people who lived it: the Germans themselves.

The Universe: The Mega Collection [Blu-ray]

Product Description

We once thought ourselves to be at the center of the world, now we know that we are just a small speck in a giant universe.

Immerse yourself in an astonishing exploration of space with all five seasons of this epic series from HISTORY. Shot in HD with stunning footage from NASA and packed with state-of-the-art CGI graphics THE UNIVERSE takes viewers on a visually arresting journey across the galaxy to bring the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos a little closer to home. Delve into the cataclysmic events that set the stage for life, and visit sites where Earth s birthing process is still in evidence. Relive astronomical triumphs, from the first crude lenses that were able to magnify celestial bodies to probes that blaze to the most distant planets. See the hottest events in the sky, from colliding celestial bodies to collapsing suns. And venture into the uncharted territory of outer space through the visions, studies, and predictions of scientists and explorers on this journey of cosmic discovery, amazement, and adventure.

Now in glorious Blu-Ray, THE UNIVERSE MEGA COLLECTION includes all 63 original episodes of all five seasons of this epic series, plus the feature-length documentary Beyond the Big Bang on 16 discs.

Special Features

  • 7 Wonders of the Solar System episode in 3D
  • Feature-length documentary: Beyond the Big Bang
  • Featurettes - Meteors: Fire in the Sky, Comets: Prophets of Doom, Ask the Universe, & Backyard Astronomers


Product Description

Seventy years in the making. Three thousand hours of color footage few knew existed. The first documentary to show original color footage of World War II in immersive HD, the world premiere HISTORYTM series WWII IN HD uses the journals and accounts of those who served in the war s biggest battles to create a personal, introspective and detailed look at life on and off the front lines. Follow 12 unforgettable Americans, and experience the war through their eyes, in their own words, as it really looked and sounded. WWII IN HD transforms their stirring journey into a tangible piece of history. Culled from rare color film found in a two-year worldwide search and converted to HD with meticulous technique, WWII IN HD provides a picture of World War II as it has never been seen before.

DISC 1: Darkness Falls / Hard Way Back / Bloody Resolve / Battle Stations

DISC 2: Day of Days / Point of No Return / Striking Distance / Glory and Guts

DISC 3: Edge of the Abyss / End Game / Bonus

Disclaimer - Program shot and mastered in High Definition. Presented on standard definition DVD that will play in any standard definition DVD Player

Special Features

  • Character Profiles
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes - Finding the Footage
  • Preserving the Footage

Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series (History Channel)

The Parthenon. Chichén Itzá. The Pyramids. Their scale, complexity, and sheer beauty stand as permanent reminders of the indomitable strength and ingenuity of the human spirit.

ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE: THE COLLECTOR S EDITION circles the globe to re-examine history s most magnificent civilizations by surveying the architectural and engineering triumphs they left behind. Beginning more than five-thousand years ago with the mind-boggling construction feats of the ancient Egyptians, the 14 documentaries--including two feature-length specials--in this collection revive the spectacular glory of the past, from the great temples of Greece to the majestic and mysterious Tenochtitlan. Cutting-edge CGI graphics and stunning location footage reanimate the ancient streets of such cities as Carthage and Rome, while expert interview trace the rise of each empire and the technological achievements that paved the way for their gravity-defying masterpieces.

Hosted by Peter Weller, ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE: THE COLLECTOR S EDITION unites each riveting moment of this critically-acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning series to reveal the innovation and infrastructure behind the world s most dazzling empires.

DVD Features: Season 1 Behind-the-Scenes Featurette; Egypt Featurettes Inside Look , From The Director s Chair , and Everything You Wanted To Know About Egypt ; Rome Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
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