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NBC News Presents Barack Obama: His Journey to the White House

NBC News Presents Yes We Can! The Barack Obama Story

This special commemorative program spans the life of Barack Obama, from his early childhood to his historic election as the 44th president of the United States. Go inside his unprecedented campaign. Discover how he overcame adversity on the road to the White House. See him inspire people around he world with his message of change.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Look Here

NBC News Presents: Deep Throat - The Full Story of Watergate

NBC News Presents - The Life of Pope John Paul II

From NBC News, the most respected name in broadcast journalism, comes the fascinating profile of one of the most influential leaders of our lifetime: Pope John Paul II. Reported by NBC News' Keith Morrison, this unforgettable documentary presents one of the most renowned and respected leaders of the 20th century - from his humble beginnings in Poland, through his momentous arrival on the world stage as the first non-Italian pope in over 400 years, to his missions around the globe as a champion of human rights. This comprehensive report includes rare archival footage, captivating interviews with childhood friends and Vatican insiders, and exclusive bonus features. It's an honest and unflinching look at the spiritual leader whose unyielding faith transcended political and diplomatic boundaries to change the course of history.

NBC News Presents The Inauguration of Barack Obama

NBC News Presents - Ronald Reagan

Of the most memorable leaders of the 20th century, few shaped our life and times as did Ronald Reagan. Now NBC News, the most respected name in broadcast journalism, brings you an intimate and complete documentary portrait of one of our most beloved Presidents - from his illustrious Hollywood career, through two historic terms in the White House, and concluding with the Nation's week-long commemoration following his passing. Anchored by Stone Phillips and including exclusive, never-before-seen footage and interviews, NBC News chronicles Reagan's remarkable life and accomplishments as only the leader in television news can. Don't miss this moving tribute to one of the most influential political figures of our time.

NBC News Presents - The Story Of Will Rogers (Narrated By Bob Hope)

Narrated by the great Bob Hope, this NBC News documentary originally aired in 1961. It reviews the life and times of Will Rogers, the beloved American humorist. Featuring archival footage, anectdotes, and photographs. A must-have for Will Rogers fans, or anyone who would like to get to know the fellow who never met a man he didn't like.

NBC News Presents - The Last Days of Jesus

From NBC News, the most renowned news organization in broadcast journalism, comes the story of the final days of Jesus Christ - one of the most revered figures of all time. Reported by Stone Phillips from Jerusalem, this objective and discerning investigative report delves into recent discoveries about the events leading up to the crucifixion and sheds new light on the unanswered questions that still surround this defining moment in world history. An unprecedented collection, The Last Days of Jesus also includes insightful interviews with expert historians and exclusive bonus features that delve into the issue of faith - from ancient to modern times - including faith healing, the connection between God and the human brain, and the integration of spiritual principles in today's business world and our everyday lives. Only the award-winning NBC News team brings you this unique perspective on the unparalleled circumstances that profoundly changed the course of mankind forever.

NBC News Presents: Diana Revealed, The Princess No One Knew

Princess Diana: she's one of the most captivating personalities of our time. From her fairy-tale wedding to Prince Charles through her tragic death in Paris, people all around the world have taken her story to heart. Now, NBC News presents a remarkable feature-length documentary with exclusive video that reveals a Diana we have never seen before.

During the darkest days of her marriage, the princess went to London voice coach Peter Settelen, for tips on improving her public appearances. Settelen turned on his video camera to help coach Diana, but got much more: startling confessions from the princess as she spoke candidly and casually about her failed relationship with Prince Charles and her need to do more with her life.

Here for the first time, she speaks openly about her personal life with the prince, her strained relations with his family, and the woman Diana says was always there in the background: Camilla, now Charles' second wife.

"Diana Revealed" is must-viewing for anyone who cares about the princess, and the struggles and triumphs of her all-too-short life.

Bonus Feature: "Diana's Legacy"
When Diana passed away, millions of mourners from across the globe sent money to her family and friends, asking that the princess' world-renowned charity work continue. In rare interviews, Diana's close friends and her long-time butler Paul Burell talk about how they turned the pain of those days into progress -- creating The Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

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