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Masterpiece Theatre: Jane Eyre

After a wretched childhood, orphaned Jane Eyre yearns for new experiences. She accepts a governess position at Thornfield Hall, where she tutors a lively French girl named Adele. She soon finds herself falling in love with the brooding master of the house - the passionate Mr. Rochester. Jane gradually wins his heart, but they must overcome the dark secrets of the past before they can find happiness. When Jane saves Rochester from an eerie fire, she begins to suspect that there are many mysteries behind the walls of Thornfield Hall. Her fears are confirmed when Rochester's secret past is revealed, destroying her chance for happiness, and forcing Jane to flee Thornfield. Penniless and hungry, she finds shelter and friendship in the shape of a kind clergyman and his family. But she is soon shocked to uncover the deeply hidden truth of her own past. This lavish and sensual new version of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel is modern and moody, timeless and romantic. Starring Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester, Ruth Wilson as Jane, and Francesca Annis as Lady Ingram.

American Experience: Surviving the Dust Bowl


In 1931 the rains stopped and the ""black blizzards"" began. Less well-known than those who sought refuge in California, typified by the Joad family in John Steinbeck's ""The Grapes of Wrath,"" the Dust Bowlers stayed and overcame an almost a decade of unbelievable calamities and disasters, enduring drought, dust, diseaseeven deathdetermined to preserve their way of life.

Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery

Africans in America is now available on DVD! Everything you thought you knew about slavery is about to be challenged. Africans in America: America’s Journey Through Slavery is the groundbreaking series that makes history by sharing it from a new perspective. Nearly ten years in the making, this landmark six-hour set exposes the truth through surprising revelations, dramatic recreations, rare archival photography and riveting first-person accounts.

NOVA - The Complete 2005 DVD Set

Includes 43 DVD titles from the award-winning NOVA series: - Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land - Battle of the X-Planes - Battle Plan Under Fire - Cracking the Code of Life - Crash of Flight 111 - A Daring Flight - Descent Into the Ice - Dogs and More Dogs - Dying to Be Thin - Einstein Revealed - Einstein's Big Idea - The Elegant Universe - Everest: The Death Zone - Fire Wars - Great Escape - Hitler's Lost Sub - Hunt for the Serial Arsonist - Hunt for the Supertwister - Hurricane! - The Killer's Trail - Life and Death in the War Zone - Lightning! - Magnetic Storm - A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama - Mars Dead or Alive - Medieval Siege - Mind of a Serial Killer - The Miracle of Life - Origins - The Photographer's Secrets - Saving the National Treasures - Search for a Safe Cigarette - To the Moon - Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman in America - The Universe Within - The Unknown World - The Viking Deception - Volcano Above the Clouds - Welcome to Mars - Who Killed the Red Baron? - Why the Towers Fell - World in the Balance - Wright Brothers' Flying Machine

Arthur: Arthur Season 10

Kids love Arthur! Based on the popular books by Marc Brown and featuring the beloved aardvark, his family, and his many friends, this series helps young kids foster an interest in reading and writing and encourages positive social skills. In this collection, Arthur and his friends learn about nutrition, get baseball fever, freak out over a scary movie, and more. Includes all 10 episodes from Arthurs tenth season.

Commanding Heights: New Rules of the Game

Based on the book by Joseph Stanislaw and Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Yergin, PBS presents an in-depth documentary series exploring global economy and its effects upon the individual. Featuring candid interviews with Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, Mexican President Vicente Fox, Singapore's Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and many more, the program was filmed on-location on five continents. This volume looks at the pros and cons of globalization.

NOVA - To the Moon

The mission seemed impossible, the odds astronomical, but the results were spectacular. NOVA presents the fascinating story behind the Apollo space program, including the historic walk on the moon in 1969, in a two-hour special. Meet unsung heroes, experience the dangers, and discover new Apollo perspectives through rare footage, little-known facts, and interviews with NASA scientists, engineers, geologists, and the astronauts themselves.

Why the Towers Fell - An Exclusive Investigation into the Collapse of the World Trade Center

For most people the image of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001, was not only a scene of unforgettable horror, it was a moment of unimaginable consequence. Within days, NOVA began following a blue ribbon team of forensic engineers as they began searching for clues that would tell them why the towers fell. This moving and informative documentary features interviews with survivors and rescue personnel who recount the buildings' last moments and their harrowing journeys to safety, interweaving these stories with the insights of some of the leading structural engineers in the world to explain exactly what happened on that fateful day. Why the Towers Fell takes viewers through the process by which the investigative team came to understand the how's and why's of one of America's greatest tragedies. From a detailed examination of the building's original design to the relentless process of combing scrap steel yards and Ground Zero itself for evidence, this was one of the most extensive and difficult disaster investigations ever undertaken. The team tested building materials, calculated the role of the jet fuel in the fire, estimated the speed of the aircraft and the damage to the building's core, and they analyzed the effectiveness of the escape and fire protection systems. The conclusions they reached will certainly influence the building of future skyscrapers for years to come.

Sister Wendy's American Collection Box Set

"Museums, like theaters and libraries, are a means to freedom. Here, we can move out of our personal anxieties and disappointments into the vast and stable world of human creativity." —Sister Wendy Beckett Sister Wendy Beckett comes to America for a spectacular tour that blends art, history, culture and storytelling into one delightful experience. Described as "a phenomenon" by The Washington Post and "a pop star" by The New York Times, Sister Wendy shares her contagious enthusiasm, eloquent descriptions, self-taught expertise and warm humor as she guides you through six of America’s greatest art museums.

The Art Institute of Chicago Discover intriguing facts behind Grant Wood’s classic painting American Gothic, the brilliance of a gold ceremonial knife from Peru’s lost Chimu empire, and Marc Chagall’s stained glass epic America Windows.

The Cleveland Museum of Art Explore rare Asian art and Medieval European pieces, as well as Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker, an elaborately detailed suit of armor, and Rousseau’s richly fantastic painting The Fight of a Tiger and a Buffalo.

Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas Share the museum’s carefully selected art collection, including Cézanne’s painting Man in a Blue Smock, the lacquered beauty of a Japanese wine flask, and Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Enjoy the museum’s wonderfully diverse works, including David Hockney’s painting Mulholland Drive, a colorfully woven Chinese emperor’s robe, and examples of pre-Columbian sculpture.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Tour New York’s legendary museum and its vast art collection, including Velázquez’s stunning painting Juan de Pareja and a calligraphic page from the Koran. And join Sister Wendy to experience the heavenly beauty of The Cloisters.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Marvel at such masterpieces as Gauguin’s Polynesian painting Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, the intricate Wedgwood inlays of an antique piano, and Paul Revere’s silver Sons of Liberty Bowl.

Special DVD features include: Access to the Sister Wendy’s American Collection Web site, featuring an interview with Sister Wendy, additional information on 18 selected works of art, and more; chapter search; English audiotrack; and subtitles.

On one DVD5 disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: Widescreen (Anamorphic)

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy

Three-DVD set: The Battle of Ideas; The Agony of Reform: The New Rules of the Game
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