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Arthur: Arthur Season 10

Kids love Arthur! Based on the popular books by Marc Brown and featuring the beloved aardvark, his family, and his many friends, this series helps young kids foster an interest in reading and writing and encourages positive social skills. In this collection, Arthur and his friends learn about nutrition, get baseball fever, freak out over a scary movie, and more. Includes all 10 episodes from Arthurs tenth season.

Masterpiece Theatre: The Wilkie Collins Set - The Woman in White/The Moonstone

Along a dark country road in Cumberland England a ghoulish woman in white steps from the shadows to confront a foot traveler Walter Hartright (Andrew Lincoln) bound for Limmeridge House three miles off. She asks senseless questions: "You don't suspect me of wrong do you Sir? Why do you suspect me of wrong?" Hartright assures her he suspects her of no wrong but she gibbers on. When a carriage happens by the woman dissolves into the darkness and Hartright accepts the offer of a ride the rest of the way to Limmeridge House a mansion where eccentric esquire Frederick Fairlie (Ian Richardson) has arranged for Hartright to tutor his nieces -- half-sisters Marian and Laura Fairlie -- in the art of drawing. Soon Hartright falls in love with Laura a wealthy heiress. Strangely she is the near mirror image of the woman in white. Laura in turn falls in love with him. Marian who wants only the best for Laura approves of the romance. Unfortunately Hartright loses his job when falsely accused of bad conduct. Before he leaves Limmeridge House he warns Laura that she and her sister are in grave danger. Deeply disappointed in him Laura ignores his caveat and fulfills a pledge to marry Sir Percival Gylde (James Wilby). He seems amiable and even invites Marian to live with him and Laura after the wedding. But when Laura returns from the honeymoon she is melancholy and morose hardly speaking a word to Marian. Glyde and a sinister visitor named Count Fosco (Simon Callow) are the reasons. Apparently they are plotting to seize her inheritance using the tidiest of stratagems: murder. Meanwhile dark secrets unravel involving Glyde's family background and the mysterious woman in white and Hartright returns in an attempt to save the sisters and exorcise the evil possessing Limmeridge House. ~ Mike Cummings All Movie GuideSystem Requirements:Run Time: 224 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR UPC: 783421412996 Manufacturer No: WG41299

Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery

Africans in America is now available on DVD! Everything you thought you knew about slavery is about to be challenged. Africans in America: America’s Journey Through Slavery is the groundbreaking series that makes history by sharing it from a new perspective. Nearly ten years in the making, this landmark six-hour set exposes the truth through surprising revelations, dramatic recreations, rare archival photography and riveting first-person accounts.

Frontline: The Longest Hatred: A Revealing History of Anti-Semitism

WGBH Boston

Why can't Jews, Arabs, and Palestinians coexist? The answers are deep-rooted, complex, and fully detailed in this stunning history of Jewish persecution.

''They are the other. They are not us.'' Throughout time, words such as these have been used to justify and vilify. The Longest Hatred takes an unsparing look at the ways such words have shaped the experience of Jewish people in this a revealing history of anti-Semitism, a hatred with roots long before the Holocaust and enduring intensity that continues to erupt in the violent conflicts of today.

Part One, From the Cross to the Swastika, traces an image that begins with the earliest writings of Christianity, which leveled the charge that Jews were responsible for Jesus’ death. In this segment, historians show how demonizing dogma has affected Jews through the centuries–in Italy, Spain, England, and Germany–reaching its zenith with the development of Nazi ideology.

Part Two, Enemies of the People, shows how anti-Semitic sentiment has accompanied a growing nationalism in Europe in recent decades, causing a mass exodus of Jews from Russia and even resurfacing in Poland and Austria, where few Jews remain. In Germany, the remarkable collapse of the Berlin wall has been followed by the rise of neo-Nazism among German youth.

Part Three, Between Moses and Muhammed, takes a humanistic look at relations between Arabs and Israelis, once linked by pseudo-science under the degrading label ''Semite,'' and now enmeshed in one of the world’s most violent conflicts. Experts on both sides tell how Arabs and Jews, who for centuries lived in relative peace, have been drastically alienated by political turmoil–and how the anti-Jewish propaganda now disseminated in the Arab world is so eerily like that seen in Europe before World War II.

Special DVD features include: scene selections and closed captions.

On one DVD5 disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format:4 x 3 full frame.

Great Expectations

Ioan Gruffudd, Justine Waddell and Charlotte Rampling star in this adaptation of Charles Dickens' enduring classic Great Expectations, the story of a young orphan named Pip who lives with his sister and her blacksmith husband, Joe.

One day Pip is sent to play at the residence of Miss Havisham, a frightening, elderly woman who seems locked in the past. She wears ancient bridal attire and never moves from the dusty upper rooms of her home. Miss Havisham's beautiful but contemptuous ward, Estella, makes Pip feel appallingly inferior, creating in him a desire to better himself—changing his life forever. But despite his efforts to improve himself, the frustrated Pip seems destined to remain Joe's apprentice. Until one day a lawyer calls to inform Pip that he has "great expectations:" Pip is to be released form his apprenticeship and educated in London as a gentleman! The benefactor who has made this life transformation possible, however, wishes to remain anonymous.

Between the Lions - Ram in the Pepper Patch [VHS]

In The Ram in the Pepper Patch, a girl from Mexico tries everything to stop a ram from eating all her peppers—until a tiny bee flies in to save the day. But run for cover: the ram escapes from his book and begins butting around the library on a rambunctious rampage! Plus Theo and Cleo find out "What’s Cooking?," The Fonix sing "The ‘AR’ Song," people sing about short A names like Mia Hamm, and much more! Starring the short "A" sound.

Featuring the Vowelles, The Great Smartini, Dr. Ruth Wordheimer, Cliff Hanger, Gawain's Word and more.

The Moonstone

Greg Wise (Sense and Sensibility) and Keeley Hawes (Karaoke) star in this sumptuous adaptation of Wilkie Collins' classic mystery, the first detective novel ever written.

The Moonstone, a sacred Hindu diamond was stolen from the head of the Moon God, in its shrine by John Herncastle in 1799. The stone is said to be cursed if it is removed from the shrine.

In 1846, Herncastle visits his ister to wish his niece, Rachel, a happy birthday. His sister refuses to see him, and he vows that he will always remember his niece's birthday- a vow which later takes on sinister undertones.

Two years later, just before Rachel's birthday, a man named Franklin Blake announces to Rachel that the Moonstone has been bequeathed to her by Herncastle. Blake gives her the jewel on her birthday and offers to mount the jewel for her, in order that she might wear it. Inevitably, the jewel is found missing the next morning and Rachel believes Blake stole it. Determined to prove his innocence, Blake leaves in order to pursue the real truth behind the theft.

Masterpiece Theatre: Jane Eyre

After a wretched childhood, orphaned Jane Eyre yearns for new experiences. She accepts a governess position at Thornfield Hall, where she tutors a lively French girl named Adele. She soon finds herself falling in love with the brooding master of the house - the passionate Mr. Rochester. Jane gradually wins his heart, but they must overcome the dark secrets of the past before they can find happiness. When Jane saves Rochester from an eerie fire, she begins to suspect that there are many mysteries behind the walls of Thornfield Hall. Her fears are confirmed when Rochester's secret past is revealed, destroying her chance for happiness, and forcing Jane to flee Thornfield. Penniless and hungry, she finds shelter and friendship in the shape of a kind clergyman and his family. But she is soon shocked to uncover the deeply hidden truth of her own past. This lavish and sensual new version of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel is modern and moody, timeless and romantic. Starring Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester, Ruth Wilson as Jane, and Francesca Annis as Lady Ingram.

People's Century: Total War 1939-1947

Part of the People's Century series Total War -- WWII and the Home Front documents how the war brought new blood into the workplace but made those new workers targets for attack from the enemies. Utilizing archival footage and new materials the film illuminates such events as the creation of Rosie the Riveter Pearl Harbor and the Siege of Leningrad. This is a fine informative film for those with an interest in the subject matter as well as for teachers who may find it useful in a classroom setting. ~ Perry Seibert All Movie GuideSystem Requirements:Run Time: 56 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. Rating: NR UPC: 783421280298 Manufacturer No: WG465

David Copperfield: Masterpiece Theatre

The classic David Copperfield was not just Charles Dickens' favorite work. It has been the most popular of his books since it was first published 150 years ago. Micawber, Peggotty, Betsey Trotwood, Uriah Heep, Mr. Creakle, Mrs. Crupp, and Mr. Dick... never were so many of Dickens' famous and vest-loved characters gathered together in just one of his works.

They are all brought to life by a world-class cast including Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), Oscar-winner Maggie Smith (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie), Bob Hoskins (Hook), Nicholas Lyndhurst (Bullshot) and Pauline Quirke (The Elephant Man) in this sparkling adaptation.

The most autobiographical of Dickens' work, David Copperfield often echoes the writer's own life. It tells a moving story of David's journey from birth to maturity, a journey which inextricably links his life with some of Dickens' most colorful and extraordinary families.

Special DVD features include: Cast list; Masterpiece Theatre poster gallery; access to David Copperfield Web site featuring production notes, interviews with the cast and crew, a Dickens timeline, a guide to the featured characters, and more; scene selection; English audiotrack; and closed captions.

One one DVD9 disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: Widescreen (Anamorphic)

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